Vida K. was raised by the Tan matriarch, streets of Chinatown, and the Bay. She is an artist and educator. Her education came from growing up in her family’s grocery store in Chinatown, where she witnessed the multitude of ways her community creates abundance out of scarcity. She studied Art History and Sociocultural Anthropology with a focus on public art at the University of Chicago. As a visual storyteller, her work centers her communities’ histories alongside a legacy of cultural workers, whose labor keeps her communities thriving. Her art practice is inspired by movements led by women of color for racial and economic justice. Vida’s work addresses the complexities and intersections of gender, class, race, survival, healing, and memory. She uses illustration, photography, mixed media installation, and video as tools for storytelling. Vida believes storytelling is one of the most fundamental ways to decolonize her communities’ hearts and minds for collective liberation.